Publications containing SHARC

Important methodological publications on the SHARC surface hopping approach:

Other relevant methodological publications:

Important publications on the method contributions by the Truhlar group (University of Minnesota):

  • M. S. Topaler, T. C. Allison, D. W. Schwenke, and D. G. Truhlar
    What is the Best Semiclassical Method for Photochemical Dynamics in Systems with Conical Intersections?
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  • A. W. Jasper, and D. G. Truhlar
    Fewest-Switches with Time Uncertainty: A Modified Trajectory Surface-Hopping Algorithm with Better Accuracy for Classically Forbidden Electronic Transitions
     J. Chem. Phys., 116,  5424-5431 (2001).
  • C. Zhu, S. Nangia, A. W. Jasper, and D. G. Truhlar
    Coherent Switching with Decay of Mixing: An Improved Treatment of Electronic Coherence for Non-Born-Oppenheimer Trajectories
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  • Y. Shu, L. Zhang, S. Mai, S. Sun, L. González, and D. G. Truhlar
    Implementation of Coherent Switching with Decay of Mixing in the SHARC program
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 16, 3464-3475 (2020).
  • Y. Shu, L. Zhang, S. Sun, and D. G. Truhlar
    Time-Derivative Couplings in Electronically Nonadiabatic Dynamics Based on a Self-Consistent Potential
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 16, 4098-4106 (2020).
  • Y. Shu, L. Zhang, Z. Varga, K. A. Parker, S. Kanchanakungwankul, S. Sun, and D. G. Truhlar
    Conservation of Angular Momentum in Direct Nonadiabatic Dynamics
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  • Y. Shu, L. Zhang, X. Chen, S. Sun, Y. Huang, and D. G. Truhlar
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    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 18, 1320-1328 (2022).
  • X. Zhao, Y. Shu, L. Zhang, X. Xu, and D. G. Truhlar
    Direct Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Ammonia with Curvature-Driven Coherent Switching with Decay of Mixing and with Fewest Switches with Time Uncertainty: An Illustration of Population Leaking in Trajectory Surface Hopping Due to Frustrated Hops
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 23, 1672-1685 (2023).
  • Y. Shu, L. Zhang, D. Wu, X. Chen, S. Sun, and D. G. Truhlar
    New Gradient Correction Scheme for Electronically Nonadiabatic Dynamics Involving Multiple Spin States
    Accepted in J. Chem. Theory Comput. (2023)

A list of publications presenting research where the SHARC code has been employed is found below (also as bibtex file):

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